Why you should choose Bellville Glass Centre

Bellville Glass Centre offers top service offerings and product specifications for auto glass fitment solutions. We have been recognised as a reliable auto glass fitment centre supplier around Cape Town.

Our experienced technical team is equipped to advise on various fitment structural requirements. The workmanship integrated into our organisation’s mission and operations incorporates guarantees for one month and tint or smash and grab film solutions comes with a five-year guarantee.

The solutions offered by Bellville Glass Centre also offers divisions with an auto glass team that supplies and fits window screens, passenger glass and rear screens to a versatile range of vehicle make.

Bellville Glass Centre is dedicated to customising glass fitment requirements for vehicles. Cape Town weather is generally unpredictable, and thus requires aluminium windows to be of the highest standard to withstand gale force winds, rainfall and hail.

We are dedicated to our clients, by promising an in-depth before and after-sales service to ensure that our clients are properly taken care of. Bellville Glass Centre has a distinct service offering and division in the Auto Glass division, Flat Glass division, Aluminium Windows as well as Emergency Glass Repairs.

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