Smash and Grab Windows Cape Town

A smash and grab crime is typically characterized by a criminal smashing through vehicle windows while the car is at a standstill either at a traffic light or while the driver is stuck in slow moving traffic and snatching valuables that are visible from the outside.

The horrific act puts the driver and passengers in a few moments of silent paralysis which allows them just enough time to get hold of your valuables and escape the scene. This leaves the motorist traumatized and makes them feel victimized for a long while.

Bellville Glass Centre has curbed this issue by offering smash and grab windows in Cape Town. How?

With Safety Window Film

What is “smash and grab” film?

Safety window film is applied on vehicle windows to help counteract smash and grab episodes. The film is tinted which keeps lawbreakers from seeing inside the car and furthermore prevents the windows from shattering. The film holds the broken glass pieces in place, which further shields the passengers of the vehicle from injuries.  

Smash and grab film may not prevent smash and grab incidents from occurring however it will give you a couple of additional minutes to recompose yourself and drive away. Criminals are also less inclined to target vehicles with safety window film installed since they realize that it will require extra effort to get to you and your valuables.  

Safety window film is not only advantageous to smash and grab incidents but also:

- Protects passengers from being hit by broken glass shatters in side-impact accidents

- Rejects up to 99% of harmful UV rays, securing the occupants against skin cancer b and protects your car’s interior from fading and cracking

- Forms an invisible shield to reduce glare and averts eye fatigue

- Keeps the vehicle’s interior cool and comfortable from burning heat which likewise redusces the load on the air conditioning and thus saving fuel.

At Bellville Glass Centre we offer installation of smash and grab windows in Cape Town for very competitive prices. Kindly give us a call for your smash and grab window solutions today! 

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