Need Protection from Hijackers? Get Smash and Grab Windows Cape Town

With the rate of crime rate in South Africa, installing smash and grab windows on one’s car has become more than fashionable, but a crucial safety feature to have. Most hijackers study the car interior before breaking in, and clear windows on your car will only enhance the process of you getting robbed. Smash and grab windows has undoubtedly more benefits to car owners than simply making the car look cool – it has become a necessity in Cape Town due to the increased number of attacks occurring on a daily basis. 

Smash And Grab Windows

If you get Smash and Grab windows fitted to your car, you can now drive with genuine feelings of serenity, since it will take the normal smash and grab assailant a few attempts to enter your vehicle. The invisibility element that the smash and grab film instils, prevents the law breaker to have a clear picture of what’s in your car and this can easily kill the motivation of the need to smash your window. But in a case where they can easily view your valuables left on your car seat, they get immediate impulse to break in and grab. 

Smash and Grab Safety Film utilizes the most developed window assurance film innovation. Our Safety film is connected straightforwardly to the window and serves as an invisible layer of reinforcement, fortifying the glass against inadvertent breakage or attack. Only high-quality materials are used, and all film is fitted by professionals. Some hijackers are known to target women particularly at the Stop signs or traffic lights in the evening because they assume they can easily over-power them as opposed to men who may want to retaliate. A well installed quality smash and grab window will make it difficult to see into the vehicle and ascertain whether it’s male or female driver.

Besides providing safety to passengers, smash and grab windows also provides interior protection of the car by reducing UV rays. And again, apparently smash and grab windows improves vehicle resale value.

Need protection from hijackers? Contact Bellville Glass Centre and get smash and grab windows in Cape Town. 

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