Aluminium Doors and Windows

Aluminium Doors and Windows has gained popularity as an alternative framing material, compared to steel and wood; it is used by many contractors for residential and commercial buildings.  Aluminium windows and doors are aesthetically appealing and add a modern touch to any architectural building design.  With new technology and advances in fabrication, aluminium doors and windows are no longer restricted to one function and colour.  There are a variety of styles available for both residential and commercial buildings, making it easy for customers to custom design their own doors and windows.


Automotive Glass Repair

A well maintained car that looks and runs efficiently is every driver’s pride.  Unfortunately despite all your best efforts, your car is bound to sustain minor damages daily.  Nothing is more frustrating for a driver than a cracked windscreen.  Most of these cracks are caused by objects impacting the glass; often other cars on the road will cause objects such as rocks to damage your car.  Bellville Glass Centre is an independent leader within the auto glass fitment industry.  We also aim to provide all glass related information with our valued customers; by knowing what conditions to avoid, you can also avoid constantly repairing your windshield. 


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