Automotive Glass Repair

A well maintained car that looks and runs efficiently is every driver’s pride.  Unfortunately despite all your best efforts, your car is bound to sustain minor damages daily.  Nothing is more frustrating for a driver than a cracked windscreen.  Most of these cracks are caused by objects impacting the glass; often other cars on the road will cause objects such as rocks to damage your car.  Bellville Glass Centre is an independent leader within the auto glass fitment industry.  We also aim to provide all glass related information with our valued customers; by knowing what conditions to avoid, you can also avoid constantly repairing your windshield. 


Below is a list of the many factors that cause windscreen damage that you can try and avoid:

Driving on a gravel road

Keeping a safe distance from other cars on a gravel road is recommended to avoid airborne rocks and other debris being kicked up.  Evasive action is advised to avoid windscreen damage.

Driving behind construction vehicles

Construction vehicles carry debris and materials that could fall onto your car and cause damage to your windscreen.  It is wise to keep a safe distance from them.


It’s very hard to avoid accidents because you can’t really anticipate them.  However, smaller hazards such as children playing sports or having a rock throwing contest in your yard can be avoided by parking in the garage.

Poor installation

Poorly installed windscreens become loose and vibrate when the wind blows hard or you accelerate quickly.  The vibrations will cause the windscreen to crack; you should replace it in this instance and get a new one accurately installed.

Pressure changes

Stress cracks can be caused by abrupt pressure changes such as; high speeds, explosions, objects pressing on the windscreen, etc.

 An impact is often determined by where the object strikes on the windscreen.  A crack usually begins as a small chip and branches out with continued impact.  Bellville Glass Centre offers automotive glass repair and replacement services for all types of cracks. 

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